Meet the Parents



This is Lily! She’s an adorable sable colored F1 Bernedoodle and currently our only momma dog at this time. She’s been a bundle of joy ever since she entered the family and has fit in like a glove. She loves to spend time chasing balls and playing with our other lab and, of course, getting all the lovin’ in that she can! Even though she’s still a puppy, a lot of time is spent just relaxing with the family showing us just how laid back she is. Her personality makes her a wonderful and attentive momma to her littles. Lily is clear with all genetic health testing and OFA certified as follows: knees-excellent, hips-good, and eyes-normal.  Proof of OFA certification and genetic testing can be provided upon request.


Violet is our beautiful blue merle standard poodle. She is AKC registered and has been genetically cleared through health testing. Violet is a very energetic bundle of joy and loves going on walks. She is very smart learning all her tricks by watching her sisters’. As energetic as she is, her favorite thing to do is to still snuggle up in bed and get all the loving she can!


Peaches is the newest and most energetic addition to the family! She’s an AKC registered Standard Poodle with a beautiful red coat and little patches of white! Weighing 65 lbs, this girl thinks she’s an toy poodle trying to curl up in your lap! She can chase a ball for days or rough house with her sisters, either way she will steal your heart! Peaches is genetically cleared of all common diseases associated with poodles through Embark testing.


Luna is our first guardian home dog and we are very excited to have her in our program! She keeps her family busy always wanting to lay in their lap or chase a ball. She is a beautiful blue merle, Standard F1 Bernedoodle weighing 65 lbs. She is clear through Embark testing of all genetic diseases associated with Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles.


Mighty Max

Meet Mighty Maximus, a stud from Crimson Curl Doodles! Max is AKC and CKC registered. He’s a tiny 6.5# bundle of amazingness. Max has a rich red mahogany coat with a splash of parti on his chest. His coat is thick, soft, and plush. He has a healthy structure and a temperment that is guaranteed to steel your heart. He has passed and has his OFA clearances on the following: heart-normal, hips-excellant, elbows-normal. He has been genetically DNA tested and FULLY cleared of common diseases found in poodles. All of the above can be verified through the OFA website.


This dapper boy is a Mini F1 Bernedoodle from Sun Valley Bernedoodles. Murphy is a 30 lb bundle of joy! Murphy has his OFA certification as follows: elbows-normal, hips-good, heart-normal, eyes-normal. His genetic testing was completed through Animal Genetics and he is clear of all common diseases associated with poodles and bernese mountain dogs.


Rowan is a handsome stud we use from Lake of the Woods Bernedoodles in Michigan! He is the “man of the house” and has run of 20+ acres to take care of all his energy! Rowan is a Standard F1 Bernedoodle weighing 75 lbs. He carries 1 copy of the DM gene, however all females that are bred with him do not carry this genetic marker and therefore the puppies will not be affected. He is clear with all other genetic health testing.